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Quick Info
Welcome to ASYLUM!

Asylum is a Elyos Legion on Aion's Nezekan server. Asylum was created by a bunch of experienced MMO gamers with a desire to create an End Game capable legion in a New Zealand appropriate time slot.

If you are a New Zealand based Aion addictee who finds it hard to raid and interact with other players due to unbending time restrictions, then we are the legion for you. We are focused on active players that can assist us in our end game activities but players who enjoy the more casual experience are also welcome provided we have the slots.

If your starting out in Aion, or an expirenced players sick of the 2am raids or even a bunch of friends looking to find a bigger group for end game conquest, then hit me up in game and we can talk about what we can do for each other.


Legion Merger

SchadenNZ, Feb 9, 10 9:33 AM.
As many of you have noticed there has been a distinct lack of players lately. Aion does not seem to be doing very well with player retention and I have exhausted all my ideas of growing the legion with minimal result.

Our only option left to be able to partake in end game activities is to merge with a larger legion. With this in mind I have been talking to Flash from AnK and have arranged all our mains ( with a few conditions ) a place in their second legion.

People wishing to take this offer need to head over to, register and submit an application on the branch recruitment thread. Mention your moving from Asylum and your application will be accepted (A little effect is still required.) You also need to install vent and for those level 30-40 make a commitment to a single character rather than an army of alts.

Asylum will still stay together for those wishing a more casual legion but will likely become a legion of alts. Anyone wishing to head off to another legion we all wish you the best of luck.

It have been a pleasure playing with you guys under the Asylum banner and I thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing you all in game under the AnK banner and with what is looking to be a legion of 130+ filling groups should be much less of an issue.


Raid Time Polls

SchadenNZ, Feb 2, 10 10:11 PM.
Two new polls are up. Head to the voting section and let us know when your keen to be raiding in the evenings.

New Site

SchadenNZ, Jan 25, 10 2:39 AM.
Welcome to the new site.

Visit often to keep up with what is happening in the legion.

Coming soon, Emblem Poll, Raid time poll, Raid Calender.
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